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CCL Veloduct Launches Single Bladed Fire Damper Range for Circular Ductwork CCL Veloduct Throws Support Behind Circular Duct Rationalisation Move

Sealing technology for circular ductwork takes a major step forward with the launch of new TecTape XT by CCL Veloduct.

The new solvent-free tape based system is suitable for high, medium and low pressure duct systems. It is ideal for both sealing joints in circular ductwork systems and making flexible duct connections. air velocity through the damper of up to 15 m/s

CCL Veloduct joint managing director David Barker believes new TecTape XT will revolutionise on site practice - making the ductwork contractor's life easier and ensuring greater efficiency for UK ventilation and air conditioning systems.

"The combination of aluminium foil with a butyl lining makes TecTape XT ideal for use with all types of circular and flexible ductwork. It combines flexibility with terrific adhesion, so that leak-free seals can be achieved first time, every time. The joint is both air and water tight, but still flexible - so it won't crack, even if there's movement or vibration within the system. It's so easy to use and so efficient, that we believe solvent based sealants will become "yesterday's technology" the moment contractors try the new product. "

CCL Veloduct's new TecTape XT comprises an outer aluminium foil (to provide protection against UV) with an inner lining of butyl rubber. The lining is covered with a heavy duty contact adhesive, protected by a silicone-treated release strip. This special combination of materials permits the tape to be moulded to the duct, following the surface contours precisely. The resulting joint is leak-free, flexible and visually pleasing.

TecTape XT is suitable for sealing both internal and external duct joints. In application the release paper is simply peeled off the tape and wound round the joint (allowing for a 50-100mm overlap according to duct diameter) to create an air and water tight seal. No drying or heating of the tape is required.

Depending on conditions joints sealed with TecTape XT can actually be pressure tested in as little as an hour after application - there's no waiting for sealants to cure.

Because of its flexibility, duct runs sealed with the new tape can be assembled on the floor and then lifted into position without any fear of cracking at the joints.

The new CCL Veloduct system may be used to make flexible, low-pressure duct-to-spigot connections without the use of clips. It is also ideal for joining and sealing flexible duct connections, provided that a minimum tape width of 75 mm is used and that care is taken to ensure that the duct is adequately supported.

TecTape XT Duct Sealing Tape will be available in three standard sizes - 50, 75 and 100 mm - from all branches in CCL Veloduct's national distribution network.

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New Ultra Flexible Tape From Ccl Veloduct Will Revolutionise Duct Sealing Practice CCL Veloduct Throws Support Behind Circular Duct Rationalisation Move