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Now available from ventilation specialists Contract Components Ltd, (CCL) is the Helios InLineVent range of centrifugal inline fans including types RR, RRK and SilentBox. The units - including the latest twin fan option for applications where 100% standby is required - are part of the comprehensive range of Helios fans offered through CCL's nationwide distribution network.

CCL is the UK's largest manufacturer of spiral and flexible ductwork, which makes a perfect working partner for the Helios InLineVent series. Fans have been specially designed for in-line circular ducting. Easy to install, the units combine a compact space-saving design with high pressure characteristics to overcome resistance created by bends, filters etc. Low noise motors are well protected and are 100% speed controllable to achieve the required duty.

A very wide range of options and accessories is available to support these centrifugal in-line fans, which are available to match ductwork diameters from 100mm to 315mm.

Standard RR models feature a galvanised steel casing offering a cost-effective solution for the most arduous working conditions. Backward curved centrifugal impellers are used made from either polymer or galvanised steel according to requirement. Impellers are directly fitted to the motor and the combined assembly is dynamically balanced to ensure a combination of high efficiency and low noise levels.

Helios type RRK in-line fans offer a similar range of features, but all components are constructed from corrosion and impact resistant polymers.

CCL will also be offering the Helios InLineVent SilentBox option. These low noise units incorporate forward curved centrifugal impellers housed within an aerodynamically shaped scroll with bell mouth inlet to achieve optimum airflow conditions. The whole assembly is contained within a galvanised steel casing lined with 50mm thick acoustic insulation material. Four quick release clasps ensure that the unit combines easy access with whisper quiet performance.

CCL branches will also offer the full range of Helios InLineVent accessories including pipe clamp connectors for connecting fans to ductwork quickly and with minimum vibration transmission, spigot guards, flexible and spigotted atenuators, in-line filters, electric heater batteries and a choice of control options.

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New CCL Intumescent Dampers have one hour fire rating Fast growing CCL doubles size of Bristol branch